Shackles of our bleak world

Amrit Pandey
2 min readAug 16, 2019

Man has achieved what was impossible by believing that it could be brought into the light of existing life forms. The world often reward such men with titles like “Crazy”, “Fool”, “Stupid” or “Illiterate” because for the residents of this reality it is just another island they cannot sail towards.

But these are the very men that lay the foundation of a new future, where the possibilities of attaining the ill-achievable heights exist. The purpose of such men are not just to improve theirs but the lives of entire human kind.

Take for example the first man who said “the earth is round” in an era when calling earth flat was considered a religious ethic and no one was allowed to defy it, even with reasons. This man’s announcement led him to commit a cardinal sin. But he could not had taken back the statement as it was the truth-est truth he had experienced.

The world as it always has been, hung him for treason of religious believes. But for all it was worth, the man must had sacrificed himself with a smile on his face as he knew he was right.

We, as in the habitants of this era, are no longer limited by the general truth of life and earth, a struggle of thousand years to prove things right and wrong have made “science” relevant, which emphasize more on proves than blind believes.

But still, a great deal of knowledge is hidden from us and most often abstracted with labels like “Not Important”. So, just like the old man who once theorized on earth being flat, when a person try to pursue such knowledge and possibilities, world rewards him/her with same dingy oaths.

In our era, we are not bound with extreme religious orthodoxies that force us to curb our thoughts, even so, if we try to project our ideas and imaginations on real world, they are rejected with awe for being too intimidate for human mind.

I think, in many ways we may have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought. Do as we do and think as we think is the common trend of our era.

This was the reason why I created a magical wonderland in my imagination where everything is possible and nothing seem distant. All my dreams, desires, aspirations, ambitions and imagination comes true. It is a perfect sandbox of a perfect world.

But I see it crumbling everyday at this point in my adult life as my actions and thoughts are restrained by the shackles of this bleak world, because I was born here and have to survive to live for others.



Amrit Pandey

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