Why do Indians worship Cow?

Amrit Pandey
2 min readJun 19, 2021

While rest of the world is busy tossing Cows into grinder and relishing the fine cut red stake with barbeque sauce, why is that we Indians actually worship Cows? Indian people are probably the most intelligent beings on earth then why would they do something dumb like worshiping an animal?

After reading this article you will know the sound reason behind this. India (prior Bharat) has been a land majorly occupied by farming and dairy. India also had rich heritage of relying on farming for practically every need viz. food, clothing and shelter. And livestock has been at the center of our survival.

Cow is one such animal which if possessed by a householder made him rich. Cow isn’t just a source of milk or meat, it was used by a householder for plowing fields, grazing grass, transportation, lifting weights, energy requirements and clothing. In primitive times the richness of any house was determined by the number of cattle and especially number of cow they possessed.

In Hindu religion, we practice gratitude towards things and persons which/who make our life easier. Even if it’s just a small insignificant object like mobile phone which is destructible and can be replaced. I always see my mother performing rituals by putting tilak on every new item she purchase. It is our way of thanking God who has showered gifts to make our lives better.

When in the primitives times we realised that a Cow can make our lives incredibly rich and comforting we had to pay respect to this divine animal. So, we must had started worshiping Cow. It’s importance in Hindu rituals were also increased. As a result the practice of worshiping Cow came into being.

I can understand why people of west would find it offensive and funny to worship Cow. It is immoral in their culture to see a Cow more than just food source. In the similar way how it’s immoral in ours to see it as a food. Neither of us should be judged other based on this. It wasn’t our choice to be born in the said culture or country.

Although over the times, people in our country have developed various superstitions like “drinking cow urine” and taking “cow dung bath”. These are misinformed people and does not represent all Indians. But we are against eating beef and I am in complete support of that. It not only hurt our religious sentiments, but also, regular consumption of meat is harmful to health hence we are better off not consuming it.



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